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Ronseal Decking

Decking Cleaner

Stop mildew, mould, and algae from spoiling the finish of your decking.

Decking Stripper

Easily remove old oils and stains from your decking so it’s ready to paint again.

Decking Restorer

Revive grey and tired decking in just 15 minutes so it looks good as new.

Decking Oil
Decking oil nourishes the wood and emphasises the natural colour and grain.
Decking Stain

For a richer natural colour that brings the grain to life.

Decking Paint

Cover ugly, grey split wood with long-lasting paint colours.

Decking Applicators
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Ronseal Perfect Finish Decking Applicator
Ronseal Ultimate Finish Decking Pad Kit
Ronseal 2.5l Decking Stain Rustic Pine
Ronseal 2.5ltr One Coat Decking Stripper
Ronseal 2.5ltr Ultimate Protecton Deck Paint Bramble
Ronseal 2.5ltr Ultimate Protecton Deck Paint Sage